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After using the Phantom Quail Kennel in our training program for the last 8 years we have decided to make a few changes to improve the unit. The entire exterior is made of 5/8 inch exterior grade B/C plywood. This plywood holds screws much better than the previous manufactured units. We paint all of the exposed parts with high quality Kelly Moore Paint. Everything is screwed together so it will hold together, even when you move it many times!

Custom Features


Clean water is a must to keep your quail healthy. Our previous soulutions were adequate, but now we use a nipple type waterer in the recall section and two larger ones in the main house. You can simply take off the lid and inspect the water in all of them.



We have also installed very neat, clean, and efficient custom feeders in the recall and main house. These have feeding cups that prevent the birds from digging out and wasting feed as well as contaminating it.


Shipping may be available to a commercial dock or pick up at the local freight terminal. Most deliveries are accomplished for around 200 or less. If you will be passing through the Abilene, Texas area your unit can be brought home on a small 5x10 trailer with (2) 14' ratchet straps.


We require 50% down paid by money order or personal checks from the State of Texas only to start construction if we do not have a complete unit available. You may also pay by credit card, but there will be a 3% additional charge to cover credit card expenses.

Remember to check your local and state game laws as recall pens may not be legal in all areas; and may require posting, permits, licenses, and/or leg bands.

Feel free to contact us:
               (325) 669-1114 Ė Danís cell
                                       3458 E. Lake Rd.
                                            Abilene, TX 79601


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