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Key Features of the Phantom Quail Kennel

The Phantom Quail Kennel is a successful Quail Recall system that was designed as a result of years of practical experience training bird dogs with liberated quail.  Some of the key features of the Phantom Quail Kennel are:

  • Feed and water are easily accessed from the exterior of the unit with minimal impact on the quail (the less human contact, the wilder the birds!)
  • Automatic watering system provides water to the main section and recall section
  • Separate call back section keeps varmints out of the main house and allows you to track and/or separate call back birds
  • The unit is ergonomically designed to transport and withstand high winds without anchoring
  • The large floor area provides ample space for 40 to 50 birds
  • The unit is portable enough to relocate easily
  • Additional "viewing windows" help birds recall quickly
  • The unit is inexpensive and straightforward to build with our very detailed materials list, instructions, and digital construction photos

Remember to check your local and state game laws as recall pens may not be legal in all areas; and may require special posting, permits, licenses, and/or leg bands.  

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